API TR 2576

This Technical Report provides methodology on how to estimate short-term individual tank and facility-wide emissions. The methodology is intended to generate reasonable worst-case short-term emission estimates, and not necessarily an estimate of actual short-term emissions (see Annex A for limitations on applying this methodology to actual scenarios). The methodology is applicable to routine tank operations and not applicable to emissions associated with maintenance activities or tank roof landings. The methodology is applicable for estimating short-term emissions from tanks with fittings and seals in good condition and not applicable for tanks with damaged seals or roof fittings. Also, this methodology is not intended for situations where a tank has a malfunction, the emission controls are not working as intended, or there is other structural damage.

The calculated mass emissions using this methodology can be used as input for short-term air dispersion modeling. The Technical Report does not provide guidance on applicability of any particular air dispersion models or modeling protocol.

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