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This Recommended Practice (RP) addresses the gowning of personnel as an important aspect of cleanroom contamination control. It provides non-mandatory guidance for the selection, specification, maintenance, and testing of apparel and accessories appropriate for use in non aseptic and aseptic cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

Included with this RP are the following supplements as Appendixes:

APPENDIX A. Recommended Garment System Configurations Applicable to Various Air Cleanliness Environments, which identifies garment system configurations for different classes of air cleanliness

APPENDIX B. Guide to Measuring Cleanroom Garments, which provides recommended garment measurement specifications

APPENDIX C. Recommended Requirements for Garments That Protect in Short Duration Fire and Arc Flash Hazards, which provides considerations for adapting flame resistant (FR) garments for use in cleanrooms or other controlled environments

APPENDIX D. Testing, which provides test recommendations and methods that allow for meaningful evaluation of the efficacy of garment system contamination control procedures  

APPENDIX E. Bibliography

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