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ANS-2.8-2019, Probabilistic Evaluation of External Flood Hazards for Nuclear Facilities 
ANS-2.10-2017 (R2022), Criteria for Retrieval, Processing, Handling, and Storage of Records from Nuclear Facility Seismic Instrumentation
ANS-2.23-2016 (R2020), Nuclear Plant Response to an Earthquake
ANS-2.26-2004 (R2021), Categorization of Nuclear Facility Structures, Systems, and Components for Seismic Design
ANS-2.27-2020,Criteria for Investigations of Nuclear Facility Sites for Seismic Hazard Assessments
ANS-2.29-2020, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
ANS-2.30-2015 (R2020), Criteria for Assessing Tectonic Surface Fault Rupture and Deformation at Nuclear Facilities

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