Centrifugal Compressors: A Strategy for Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

While several books are available that provide a general overview of centrifugal compressor aerodynamic technology, this book is unique in that it fully describes a working design and analysis system with all of the interacting procedures, design guidelines, and decision processes required.

This book describes the author’s own centrifugal compressor aerodynamic design and analysis system, and the strategy he uses while applying it. He provides a description sufficiently complete that both new and experienced compressor aerodynamicists will fully understand the methods used. This includes the basic thermodynamic and fluid dynamic principles, empirical models, and key numerical methods, which form the basis of these design and analysis methods.

This book provides a comprehensive aerodynamic design and analysis system for centrifugal compressors that has produced significant performance improvements in recent years. It uses practical and efficient methodology and requires minimal resources for its implementation. A personal computer of modest capability is adequate for implementing and using all of the procedures described in this book.

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