IEEE Power, Distribution & Regulating Transformers Collection: VuSpec(TM)

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Revision Standard – Active.This indispensable collection of standards contains 104 active IEEE Standards, Guides and Recommended Practices along with amendments, corrigendum, errata and interpretations in PDF format and allows for easy full text searching on a single standards or all standards at the same time.- VuSpec Series Interface: VuSpec requires a current web browser. (For Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating systems, the supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 9+, and Firefox 4+. For Macintosh(R) operating systems, the supported browsers is Apple Safari. For Linux(R) or UNIX(R) operating systems, the supported browser is Firefox 4+.)- Powerful Search Features: Search on Abstracts, Keywords, An Entire Standard, or Across Multiple Standards- Glossary: Look Up over 680 terms and their definitions derived from the official standards in a- Convenient VuSpec Glossary Tool- Index: Find the Standard You Need Fast, From a List of Pre-Sorted Keywords- Single-User License only- For a complete list of contents go to

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